Stormwater Conference & Expo 2023

Gillian Blythe

Welcome message from Water New Zealand

Ka ora te wai, ka ora te whenua, ka ora ngā tāngata’

‘If the water is healthy, the land is healthy, the people are healthy’

I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to Stormwater Conference & Expo 2023 in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland.

How we manage stormwater will be pivotal to ensuring a liveable and healthy environment for all of Aotearoa New Zealand. We face big challenges such as climate change and we know we must find solutions to ensure a resilient future.

Stormwater 2023 will be about sharing our ideas and being inspired about creating sustainable outcomes. It will be about how we value our environment, ensure best practice, and progress our journey to meet the aspirations of Te Mana o te Wai.

Come and join us and share ideas with stormwater professionals who are passionate about the positive benefits we can achieve together.

Ngā mihi nui

Gillian Blythe

Chief Executive

Water New Zealand

The 2023 Stormwater conference is proud to be a certified Zero Carbon Event with Ekos! The conference is all about creating sustainable outcomes. At the same time we acknowledge that such events have environmental impacts. Therefore we have taken a number of steps to improve the sustainability of our events. This year we will be measuring and offsetting the emissions from presenter and organizational travel, vehicle use, electricity and waste. The certified carbon credits we are purchasing to offset our emissions will be sourced from projects that grow and protect forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity, conservation and community economic development. The carbon footprint excludes the travel of any participants, and we’d love those of you who will be joining us to consider what you could do to minimize or offset your impacts as well.

In 2023 the objective of the Stormwater Conference is to provide delegates with an opportunity to:

  • Cultivate technical knowledge
  • Hear new and cutting-edge stormwater information
  • Upskill in various areas of stormwater science and management
  • Keep up to date with the latest innovations
  • Create business opportunities
  • Build their corporate profile
  • Network with peers
With a projected attendance of more than 400+ attendees, the Stormwater Conference is targeted at the following audiences:
  • Regional Council and TLA staff
  • Professionals from related disciplines
  • Procurement Managers
  • Academia
  • Infrastructure providers

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