Water New Zealand’s 2019 Stormwater Conference

Stormwater : The Next Generation

I have the pleasure to invite you to attend the Water New Zealand Stormwater 2019 conference to be held in Auckland, at the Grand Millennium Hotel on 1-3rd May.

This conference theme of Stormwater- The Next Generation provides the platform to introduce, explore, address and challenge the impacts of stormwater on the environment.

The conference will provide a forum to participate in the industry and share the knowledge, experience, emergent technology and research, which in turn will ensure that we as a collective apply our skills and empower the Next Generation to expect the best outcomes for our environment in which we work, play and share experiences.

This theme of the Next Generation sets a platform for discussion of how we, as a sector of an industry, have adopted innovation over the last decades and applied this to the forward-thinking approach to stormwater management not only in New Zealand but across the globe. One challenge laid down by this theme is how to focus this forward-thinking approach to ensure the Next Generation of stormwater practitioners have the support to apply innovation to the management of stormwater to protect our unique natural and urban environments.

Participation in the conference from all areas of the industry spectrum will ensure that knowledge is shared, explored and embraced. This cross-industry participation will also encourage collaborative partner engagement that is essential in supporting the growth in the city centres, resilience in the rural sectors and maintain integrity in the established regions.

I invite and encourage you to attend this thought-provoking conference which will celebrate the innovation, value the mana of Wai Ora, acknowledge and share many great examples undertaken in this industry whilst encouraging the Next Generation of stormwater management.

Bronwyn Rhynd
Stormwater Conference Committee Chair